Begin with the Exit in Mind

How does this differ from traditional venture capital approaches?

The Epic BioVentures model is different from traditional venture capital approaches in several key ways. Most importantly, it is predicated on identifying exit opportunities and strategic corporate partners even before the investment is made and on building a product development plan designed to satisfy the needs of entrepreneurs and investors. Our management team has operated on both the “buy-side” and “sell-side” of acquisitions and strategic partnerships and has a working knowledge of what a corporate acquirer requires in order to consummate a successful exit.

Another key difference in our approach is our dedication to making use of our extensive network of sales, marketing, product development, and physician users in order to help our portfolio companies create internal champions within prospective acquirers. It is these individuals who drive their companies toward noticing and evaluating new products such as those developed by EBV portfolio companies. We effectively start the exit process with the development of these internal champions. . This bottom-up and top-down approach significantly increases the likelihood of a successful sale or merger of our portfolio companies and a profitable exit.

The Epic BioVentures Investment Model

Our model begins with the exit strategy and focuses on the needs of potential corporate acquirers. In each transaction, we begin due diligence by asking the following core questions:

  • Who will buy this company?
  • Why will they buy it?
  • What products does the company offer?
  • What is the market for those products?
  • What are the key steps in value creation that will make the company and its products attractive to the buyer?
  • What are the pre-clinical and clinical data required to support that decision?
  • How does the management team achieve these goals?
  • Can Epic BioVentures add value and help the company to achieve these goals?
  • When can the investors expect to exit?

Value Added

We will work with the management teams of our portfolio companies to build strategic plans that focus on achieving milestones that make the products developed by EBV portfolio companies highly desirable to targeted corporate acquirers.

The Epic BioVentures management team will remain involved with each portfolio company’s management team, advising, mentoring, and providing access to our network of consultants and experts to facilitate the execution of each company’s business plan.

Our operational expertise is intended to complement, not replicate, the skills of the management teams of our portfolio companies. Most importantly, as the medical market is undergoing constant change in the areas of technology, regulatory oversight, and reimbursement, we will use our knowledge and experience to mitigate these risks.