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Begin with the exit in mind…
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Difficult economies bring out the best in entrepreneurs. Epic BioVentures I, LP (the “Fund”) is poised to take advantage of the rich market of motivated and value conscious medical technology companies that are starved for growth capital. We are committed to investing in medtech companies and reaching an exit in record time. We intend to achieve this by identifying the exit strategy upfront and working closely with the management teams of our portfolio companies to build a business focused on achieving milestones that maximize value at exit. The management team of our General Partner, Epic BioVentures, LLC (“EBV”), has a track record of not only successfully commercializing medical products, but in exiting companies with a significant return to investors.

The chief objective of Epic BioVentures, LLC is to identify the highest quality medical technology investment opportunities and use our unique approach in effort to achieve a high return for investors and entrepreneurs. With the partners located in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Southern California, we are present in geographic areas that are centers of medical technology innovation and early stage company incubation.

The Fund is targeted to $125 million and is looking to close by fall 2013.